Monday, July 23, 2007

Oracle buys Bharosa

Oracle® Buys Online Identity Theft and Fraud Detection Leader Bharosa

Bharosa, Inc., is a leading provider of software that helps combat online identity theft and fraud. This should tie in nicely with Oracle's Identity software.

According to the article:

With more than 25 million users, Bharosa's real-time fraud detection and multifactor online authentication security solutions for the enterprise, combined with Oracle's established web single sign-on and web-based authorization solutions, will result in a differentiated solution that protects investments by extending internal web Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions to external users. It also creates a highly secure, low impact security solution that protects users from common, often costly, threats.
"Companies need new mechanisms that complement their existing security solutions so that they can better protect themselves from insider threats and misuse from privileged users," said Jon Fisher, CEO, Bharosa. "At Bharosa, we're thrilled to bring our market-leading solutions to the world's largest enterprise software company."