Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oracle Struts Its Software

A good article on Motley Fool, discusses Oracle's outstanding financial performance. I still think Oracle needs to do more to counter open source offerings but numbers like these are hard to argue with.

The numbers continue to speak for themselves at Oracle. First-quarter sales advanced 26% and earnings grew 28%. Better yet, new software license revenue grew 35%, well ahead of the 23% growth in license updates and product support and the 25% improvement in services revenue. Management explained it by noting that its installed base is growing, which only leads to lucrative product updates and related services down the road.

It looks like buying out the competition is having a doubly good effect. The competition no longer exists so Oracle really rules the business software arena. While competitors on the database market have made good progress (I'm talking DB2 v9, Postgres 8.2 and MySQL 5.2), they are always playing catchup. DB2 V9 started closing in on Oracle 10g but 11g creates a new playing field. Postgres and MySQL are working hard but still have a long way to go.