Monday, August 27, 2007

Army Corps Chooses Oracle 11g

From, Army Corps ready to build on Oracle 11g, Researchers find potentially valuable advances in Web services and working with geographic data.

The Army Corps of Engineers has been beta testing Oracle 11g and is planning to use new Geo-Spatial extensions and 3D data types.

“Our geospatial information and our business information are being dovetailed…more in the same space.” — Michael Smith, Cold Regions Research Engineering Laboratory

In addition to the geospatial data structures, 11g offers other advanced data structures, such as point cloud storage and indexing.

A point cloud is a set of data collection points that represent 3-D space. The laboratory uses this type of data structure for recording measurements that come from its Light Detection and Ranging instruments.

Until now, such data had to be stored on flat text files. Databases had no way to tie together the datasets in a way that would let them calculate the datasets against a single entity. However, 11g can store a point cloud as a single object, against which developers can write simple queries to do line-of-sight, data point intensity or nearest-neighbor calculations “without even moving the data out of the database,” Smith said.

They will also be using ApEx for front-ends.