Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Match Made In Heaven

eHarmony, the large, internet dating site selects Oracle. eHarmony, who call themselves the #1 relationship service, has chosen Oracle to run its websites and data warehouse.

eHarmony uses its patented Compatibility Matching System, developed from 35 years of clinical and empirical research, to match highly compatible singles online. To support the more than 10,000 new users who register each day, eHarmony required a data management solution that would scale to accommodate its growing user base and to help ensure that its site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To enhance its online services and end user experience, eHarmony contracted Cloud Creek Systems, Inc., a Southern California-based Oracle Certified Partner, to assist in the migration of eHarmony's Web sites and data warehouse to Oracle. eHarmony deployed Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Automatic Storage Management, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g on multiple Sun Fire X4600 servers running Windows.

In addition to its clustered environment, eHarmony operates a rapidly growing Oracle data warehouse to support its extensive real-time and historical reporting initiatives. Oracle Partitioning is used in conjunction with the data warehouse to improve performance. eHarmony's Data Analytics Group relies on the information to support critical business decisions such as how to improve service offerings and enhance the eHarmony customer experience.

"We moved to Oracle because our services required greater scalability and availability," said Mark Douglas, vice president of technology, eHarmony. "We felt we had reached the limits with our previous platform. As a result of the move to Oracle, we're able to confidently support more users and we've improved Web site performance."